Crocodile Encounter & Zip Rio

A short drive from Belize City (about 30 minutes) takes you to Rainforest Adventure Zone.

Once at the zone, there is a crocodile enclosure featuring many Morlett’s crocodiles and turtles. These crocs have been brought to the Zone by the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary who are committed to the conservation of this protected species. Great opportunity for pictures and you may even get a chance to feed them if you’re there at the right time. After the croc encounter it is time for ZipRio through the jungles of Belize. The zip-line tour features an intricate harness system of pulleys on horizontal traverse cables which lets you glide 100 – 450 feet between platforms up to 75 feet high at canopy level. After being fitted into the safety harness, the next 30 – 50 minutes are spent zipping through a series of zip line runs from 7 jungle platforms. 4 lines crisscross over the river from bank to bank and the red air bridge between platforms 4 and 5 is perfect for a selfie.

Experience the thrill of a wildlife encounter!

This is an educational Tour!

Level of difficulty: EASY – Everyone can participate.

What to Bring: Hiking shoes, bug repellent, loose comfortable clothing,

  • Listen, and participate in a 10-minute orientation and safety briefing
  • Your Guide will review the SeaTREKhelmet, ladder descent, ear equalization techniques, proper breathing, hand signals for underwater communication, and more
  • You will descend the ladder until the water is at shoulder level. A surface attendant will then lower the helmet onto your shoulders; you will continue to descend the ladder, step-by-step, with the aid of the safety diver or SeaTREKGuide.
  • Your SeaTREKhelmet receives a continuous supply of air (3x more than what you normally breathe), so your entire head remains dry, you can wear glasses or prescription contacts, and you’re able to breathe normally through your nose (no mouthpiece)
  • Every couple steps, you will need to equalize the pressure in your ears (similar to flying in an airplane or swimming in a pool). The helmet is designed to allow you to reach your hand up inside the helmet, pinch your nose and gently blow to easily equalize your ears. If for some reason you cannot properly equalize, you can go back up the ladder several steps, and try again
  • Once at the bottom of the ladder, you will join the rest of your group in a single file line. The tour begins once the entire group is on the sea floor
  • Your SeaTREKGuide, and safety divers will be with you for the entire tour. You’ll walk underwater along a preset SeaTREK trail for a once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • During the tour, fish of all shapes and colors, and local marine life will surround you. Underwater cameras are allowed on most tours
  • Underwater tour duration is approximately 25-minutes

A vacation is nothing without exciting and thrilling adventures all day to do it in.