Much of Cayo consists of broadleaf jungle overlying limestone formations. These formations are a result of an uplifting of ancient coral beds during the past 20 million years. Over time, flowing water has gradually dissolved the limestone, forming underwater rivers, sinkholes, and the Spectacular Caves for which Cayo is famous.

Cayo offers an exciting blend of adventures and eco-tourism attractions for all fitness levels. Filled with vast areas of jungle; rainforest, picturesque rivers, waterfalls and Caves, along with a people who embrace a remarkable cultural diversity and harmony.

Add to this an array of Things to do, along with good, visitor-related services and it’s easy to see why Cayo District is a favourite vacation destination for the Eco-tourist and Adventure-traveller.

The area of Cayo was previously named by the Spanish “El Cayo” same name as they used to describe the offshore islands. However, now these days we locally refer to the town of San Ignacio as Cayo. The district is in a peninsula between two converging rivers and mostly surrounded by the forests.

Cayo is the largest of the six districts that make up Belize …. Geographically the largest and most fertile district in Belize, Cayo spans more than 2,000 square miles across diverse terrain – from rolling hills and sweeping farmland devoted to citrus orchards and cattle farming, to lush river valleys and rugged mountain ridges covered in sub-tropical jungle.

Belize Hotel in Cayo Area:

Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge